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People love to create a mysterious atmosphere around things they do not understand. They play a game of secrecy and distraction to keep from admitting their own limitations. When they find themselves obviously confounded, they will often categorize the subject in question as occult and make it taboo.

Numerology is a branch of mathematics that enables one to logically understand the spiritual structure of life. It should not be associated with "the occult." What are numbers? I will answer that with another question. What are letters? Most people will agree that letters are glyphs that represent sound vibrations that we can hear. Now I must inform you that NUMBERS ARE GLYPHS THAT REPRESENT SOUND VIBRATIONS THAT WE CANNOT HEAR.

Numbers are glyphs that represent sound vibrations that we cannot hear.

There are many frequencies that are out of the range of the senses but using technology we can verify their existence. Numbers represent frequencies, just as letters do. The sound and light frequencies that are inherent in these symbols have an affect on us whether or not they are in the range of our sensing capacity. Numbers are energies and these energies can be converted into light, sound, motion, or shape. Yes, we do use numbers to indicate quantities when we are using them as symbols for mathematics, but numbers are not limited solely to this purpose. Numerology expands our understanding of the function of numbers.

NUMEROLOGY IS MULTIDIMENSIONAL. Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who lived from 569 to 470 B. C., certainly understood this aspect of numerology as he applied numbers to music, language, and even to explain the relatioship of the planets to one another. He taught that the strategic placement of the planetary spheres in conjunction with their orbital motion produced musical vibrations for the listening pleasure of the gods.

Over many hundreds of years, people have studied numerology as a language-philosophy and creatively applied it to themselves. As a result, terminology developed around the subject. Numerologists speak about the Name Number, Life Path, the Soul Urge, or Hearts Desire, Challenges and Pinnacles, Life Cycles, Planes of Expression, Personal and Universal Years. These terms describe the different approaches to reading a professional numerology report. All numerology charts created with the numbers that relate to an individual's name and his or her date of birth have the potential to divine that person's future. The chart outlines how destiny and free will merge to form the framework of a person's life. This is the power of numerology.

Numerology can be used to calculate when one is likely to find a love relationship or begin a project which will see a successful outcome. When working on such issues with an experienced numerologist, people notice that they begin to have better control and command over the results they wish to achieve.

Once you experience a personal numerology reading with Francesca your outlook on life will be forever changed.

"Thank you sincerely for your kindness, wisdom and positive influence you bestowed upon me during my numerology reading."
--Violet from Pittsburgh, PA

"Thinking of you and counting all the many times you have helped me so very much. I cherish your guidance and honesty. I am so very lucky to have found you."
--Leslie from Los Angles, CA

"As I move into the new year I am seeing evidence of what you predicted during your wonderful numerology reading. I am feeling the need fore more relatedness and interdependence. I am also feeling a rising sense of hopefulness and a release from what seems like several years of struggle. Thank you so much for this wonderful has been an inspiration!"
--Diane from Pittsburgh, PA

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