Personal Consultations

A psychic reading should have a positive healing influence on a person. I want my clients to feel empowered at the close of their consultations. I strive to uplift and inspire every client by putting them in touch with the core truth of how mighty and holy they truly are.

--Francesca Szarnicki

It is recommended that you have a tablet and pen available to take notes during your reading. Please mention any special interests or questions you have at the beginning of the session.

Topics of Interest in a Personal Consultation:


Francesca specializes in forecasting love and marrige.

Francesca's specializes in love relationships. She has developed highly accurate techniques that foretell specific times when the windows of opportunity open or close for love. She will put you and your partner (or potential partner) through her Test Of True Love and deliver a truthful analysis. You can expect to receive a practical and realistic view of your relationship. Whether you pass or fail the Test Of True Love Francesca will give you practical suggestions to make your love grow.

Francesca helps you to realize the answer to the question, "Who am I?" She does this by outlining the highest ideals that you embody. When she addresses you in these archetypal terms you will begin to recognize and identify profound truths about yourself. This information is already in the consciousness, so it is a matter of bringing it to the foreground of your thinking. Once you do this, your I AM will continue to grow stronger in your daily life.

First you must know that there are programs operating in every person's life and some of these programs can be quite challenging. Francesca will identify the lessons in which you are currently involved and she will tell you how long those lessons will last. You cannot erase programs of destiny but you do have free will to work on the assignments in the manner you choose. If you should have a particularly difficult lesson, Francesca will tell you the "short cut" to that assignment. Becoming keenly aware of the reality of your challenges better prepares you to accomplish your goals in life. Conflicts that you may have within yourself or with others will diminish. Once you begin investing your energy to fulfill your spiritual purpose, you will no longer be driven by the compulsion to satisfy the expectations of others.

Francesca may forecast when you are likely to attract wealth






Many people express that they are astounded with the power and accuracy of the readings. It is a tremendous amount of information to absorb. Be sure to give yourself ample time to integrate this knowledge.

Questions that you may want to explore in your readings:

  • Should I buy or sell on the stock market?
  • What profession should I pursue?
  • Can you help choose the best college for me?
  • Will I ever retire?
  • What do you see me doing in retirement?
  • Is this a good time to travel?
  • Should I move?
  • How long do you see me living at this address?
  • When considering love, do you see me as lucky or unlucky?
  • When considering money, do you see me as lucky or unlucky?
  • Can you help me choose a name for my baby?
  • Can you help me choose a name for my business?

Soul Healing

I advise every client to take the leap into soul healing. As most people know, understanding problems does not make those issues disappear. Don't you sometimes wish you could find the off switch to end a crisis? The Soul Healing system gives us access to that off switch. Using this method we can actually close down negative programming and install new positive programming in its place. I describe this work as miractulous because the technique does provide an effective method to bring karmic programs to an end.

--Francesca Szarnicki

Energetic healing reaveals that preprogrammed karma can be de-programmed. Many of us have a backlog of illnesses, accidents, and relationship disasters just waiting to unfold. Utilizing spiritual therapy we are now able to erase those items before they actually materialize in our lives. These process engages self forgiveness at the deepest levels of consciousness.

Soul Healing works directly with the subconscious mind. It allows direct access to one's High Self in order to find and remove negative energies.

Once blocks and negative energies are identified in this process, they can be cleared from the subconscious and the Akashic (soul) records permanently. This effectively ends any karma on a particular issue. the consequences of this natural healing are clear thinking and a life of balance, peace, joy and love.

Fees & Consultation Times

$60.00 - single consultation
Buy four sessions for only $199

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  1. The original name that you were given at birth.
  2. The month, day and year of your birth.

Nicknames, name changes, married names, adoptive names, baptismal and confirmation names that are different from your original name are not acceptable.