Soul Healing

Soul Healing delivers a very powerful form of energy release at the soul level. It effectively facilitates healing on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and cellular levels of our existence. It is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to uncover and discharge negative programming and hidden blocks to health, happiness, prosperity and spiritual growth. During the healing process negative programming is replaced with loving supportive ideas and beliefs. Soul Healing enhances a natural expansion of consciousness.

I advise every client to take the leap into Soul Healing. As most people know, understanding problems does not make those issues disappear. Don't you sometimes wish you could find the off switch to end a crisis? Soul Healing gives us access to that off switch. From the spiritual level we can actually close down negative programming and install positive programming in its place. I describe this work as miraculous becasue it provides an effective means of bringing karmic programs to an end. If you have any type of problem that you cannot seem to resolve (whether it be physical, mental, emotional or even financial), you may want to explore Soul Healing.


What can Soul Healing do?

Energetic healing reveals that pre-programmed karma can be de-programmed. Many of us have a backlog of illnesses, accidents, and relationship disasters just waiting to unfold. Utilizing soul healing we are now able to erase those items before they actually materialize in our lives. The process engages self forgiveness at the deepest levels of consciousness.

Healing makes it possible to release fears, phobias, addictive behavior patterns, depression, insecurities, anger, doubts, frustration, guilt and negativity. By letting go of subconscious programs and accumulated negative energies, the soul is free to move into its full expression of joy and prosperity.

People routinely experience relief with the discharge of negative energies. Many clients have reported feeling lighter after the process.

So often, people get "stuck" in self-defeating patterns. They want prosperity, but deep down don't feel worthy of success. Many individuals desire better health but don't know how to achieve it. Couples crave rewarding relationships, but continue to attract conflict and strife.

The reason for these blocks can be easily traced to negative energy stored from past lifetimes. Releasing these blocks and the associated negative energy is the goal of Soul Healing.

Soul Healing vs. Conventional Methods

Conventional forms of therapy rely on conversation with a counselor. Talking about problems can be very theraputic. Putting problems into words gives us a better chance of objectively resolving our concerns. There are occasions however, when we can endlessly rehash difficulties without finding a satisfactory solution. Sometimes it seems that no amount of conversation has the power to change a situation.

Soul Healing can quickly initiate positive changes even before a person realizes the scope and consequences of their issues. In many cases, long term difficul patterns shift to give a person the relief they so deprately need.

How does Soul Healing work?

Soul Healing works directly with the subconscious mind. It allows direct access to one's High Self in order to find and remove negative energies.

Once blocks and negative energies are identified in this process, they can be cleared from the subconscious and the Akashic (soul) records permanently. This effectively ends karma on the particular issue. The consequences of this natural healing are clear thinking and a life of balance, peace, joy and love.

The healing is accomplished through a connection with your high self and all clearing work is done privately by Francesca in her sacred space. You will receive the full benefit of the healing without traveling to her office. You will receive a full report of your healing session by telephone twenty-four hours after the work is complete.

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