Meet Francesca Szarnicki

Francesca Szarnicki

Dear Friends,

I've studied numerology all of my life, and I discovered through my research that knowledge is alive and can speak to you. All knowledge and creative invention is available for people to access. If you make your mind attractive enough, knowledge will move into your aura on its own accord. Bundles of knowledge can appear as symbols or geometric patterns in motion. These shapes containing abstract information make an impression on the subconscious mind. Here the data is stored for future use. It's so important to listen and learn how to tune this radio called the mind into the proper channels to receive new ideas.

The numerology information that I am offering through books, lectures and personal consultations is some of the most transformative knowledge that you will find. I hope you will take the time to interact with this powerful knowledge and allow it to speak to you.


Francesca has entertained at numerous conventions and fundraisers, and she has appeared on many radio and television programs. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Francesca has been a professional numerologist for thirty years.


University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
University of California, San Francisco, California
Maharishi International University, Isola, France
The Monroe Institute, Faber, Virginia
University of Science & Philosophy, Waynesboro, Virginia
Biogeometry Training, Asheville, North Carolina

Some of Francesca's Appearances and Presentations:

Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)
Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)
Ohio Metaphysical Society (OMS)
Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY
Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Cassadaga, FL
Parapsychology Club of The Villages, FL
The Duquesne Club
Carnegie Mellon University
Costa Cruise Lines
Greater Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival
Whole Health Expo
University of Pittsburgh
Allegheny Community College
Rolling Rock Town Fair
City of Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Program
Nemacolin Woodlands
Seven Springs Resort
The Theosophical Society of Pittsburgh
KDKA Talk Radio