Today's Inspirational Message...

a selection from Francesca's Szar Cards


You need solitude in order to process the diverse experiences that are coming into your life. You are like the little caterpillar that must retreat into its cocoon so that it can become a beautiful butterfly. Solitude affords you some peace while you go through important transitions of consciousness. During this period of transformation, you need to give yourself time to sharpen your perceptions and explore your inner being. You can achieve this through meditation. Solitude gives you ample opportunity to reflect on past experiences and to prepare for the future.

You may find it beneficial to separate yourself from family members. Keeping pace with them may be too much for you at this time. Detachment from loved ones is a natural part of solitude. Allow yourself time to read, study and pray. A trip to the mountains with a good book in hand would be ideal. Time given to spiritual development is very healing. Solitude sees you through the tremendous personal growth.

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