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Her first book, The Key: A Guide to Understanding the Language of Numbers, is radically different in style and content of any numerology publication currently on the market. Through Francesca's extensive study on numerology, she has formulated new methods and her own theories on how to interpret and read numbers. Through The Key, Francesca assists readers on the path to understanding numerology as the language of numbers.

Seasoned numerologists as well as the beginner will be fascinated with the many new concepts that Francesca Szarnicki has developed. She challenges the standard theories and raises the bar on accuracy in her numerology applications.

The Key: A Guide to Understanding the Language of Numbers

The back cover of The Key

Francesca Szarnicki is an experienced reader, teacher, and lecturer in the field of numerology. She applies her intuition to interpreting the mystical codes of numbers. Through personal consultations she has helped countless people to accept themselves, recognize their own abilities, and expand their creative potentials. Using numerology, she prepares people to take control of scheduled opportunities destined to emerge in their lives.

The Key is the first in a series of books covering the philosophy of numerology, its applications, and practical uses. In this work, Francesca presents a new view of the ancient study of number codes. Her explanations are profound and yet amazingly simple to learn. This captivating book was written for both experienced numerologists and those who are new to the subject. Her methodology provides the reader with a solid foundation of the basics and features many new and fascinating ideas. The author chronicles an interesting cast of characters who demonstrate the principles of numerology in their lives. In The Key, Francesca explains how numbers are incorporated into our minds and physical bodies. She teaches that "Because numerology is an integral part of our being, it can help us to understand our existence and unfold our spiritual purpose. Numbers make sense of everything."

Excerpt from The Key:

"Numbers are not just symbols to indicate amounts. They were not invented solely to do mathematical functions. Numbers form an ancient coded language that beckons to be read. This language is a part of all of us. We each have one brain with two hemispheres. We have five physical senses. We have two hands with five fingers on each hand. For eons, every civilization on this planet has used a two hand counting system. The language of numbers you see is not a foreign language. It is a part of our minds and our bodies. Because it is an integral part of our being, it can help us to understand who we are and unfold our spiritual purpose. Numbers make sense of everything."

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Francesca has already released a deck of seventy-eight inspirational messages based on numerology named The Szar Cards. The concise and powerful Szar Cards may be used to inspire, advise or answer individual questions.
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